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Reading Financial Reports For Dummies

[By Lita Epstein ]
Format: ,ebook size: 6.82MB, Rating:, Aug 22,2011

The second edition includes over 25 percent new and updated information including:

  • New information on the separate accounting and financial reporting standards for private/small businesses versus public/large businesses
  • Updated information that reflects the 2007 law on international financial reporting standards
  • New content to match SEC and other governmental regulatory changes over the past three years
  • New information about how the analyst-corporate connection has actually changed the playing field
  • The impact of corporate communications and new technologies
  • New examples that reflect the current trends
  • Updated websites and resources

The ins and outs of financial reports, explained in plain English

Want to make sense of financial reports? This easy-to-follow guide gives you a set of tools to understand these complicated statements, helping you read between the lines to determine a company s true financial health. You ll make informed decisions about investing, spot possible problems, and use these reports to manage your own department or company for success.

  • Get down to reporting basics — recognize different business types and how their structure affects the books, and grasp the accounting method underlying it all

  • Analyze the annual report — make sense of the balance sheet, income and cash flow statements, and the notes while spotting red flags

  • Know your numbers — keep an eye on whether a company is making a profit or suffering a loss

  • Understand how companies optimize operations — use reports to measure how efficiently management is using its resources

  • Meet the financial watchdogs — from auditors to analysts, see who certifies report accuracy and how recent scandals have changed the rules

  • Practice makes perfect — put your skills to the test by dissecting the annual reports of two similar companies throughout the book

  • Open the book and find:

  • The accounting basics necessary to understand financial reports

  • New information on reporting standards for private/small versus public/large businesses

  • Updates surrounding the 2007 law on international financial reporting standards

  • The impact of corporate communications and new technologies

  • New real-world examples that reflect current trends

  • Updated Web sites and resources

  • Tips for spotting the fluff in financial reports

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