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Knitting for Dummies

[By Pam Allen&Trisha Malcolm&Rich Tennant ]
Format: ,ebook size: 11M, Rating:, Mar 04,2011

Knitting is a relatively simple process requiring a minimal set of tools – two needles and a ball of yarn. Its basic structure of interlocking loops couldnt be less complicated. Yet the possibilities for design and pattern innovation seem endless. Now is a great time to learn to knit. Never before have you had so many lovely and imaginative yarns from which to choose and so many stylish and sophisticated patterns to work with.

Sure, grandmothers knit, but so do movie stars, football players, doctors, and lawyers. They know what our grandmothers do: Knitting does more than just provide you with warm and cozy things to wear. Knitting also

  • Stirs your creativity
  • Gives you an ongoing sense of purpose
  • Teaches patience
  • Soothes the soul from the stresses of everyday life

    Practice and perfect your knitting skills with Knitting For Dummies. This friendly, hands-on guide will lead you through the following topics and more:

  • Mastering the four elemental moves of knitting
  • Deciphering knitting patterns
  • Fixing common knitting mistakes
  • Getting started with simple projects
  • Expanding your horizons with stripes and details
  • Relaxing stiff shoulders and fingers

    Every chapter explaining a specific knitting technique includes a Knitting Notebook of sample patterns to show you some of the different ways it can be used and a section of Practice Projects that gives step-by-step instructions for simple and attractive knitted accessories nearly al of which are features on the pages of the color insert. Most projects end with a list of project variations – ways to expand on your understanding of how to craft and design projects on your own.

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