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Football For Dummies

[By Scott Murray ]
Format: ,ebook size: 9.52MB, Rating:, Sep 04,2011

Whether you want to impress friends and colleagues with new-found football wisdom, brush up on details you re unsure about (the offside rule, anyone?) or improve your practical skills, this is the book for you! Covering all the basics of the game, rules and tactics, as well as giving an in-depth history of the sport and how it has evolved to the present day, this indispensable guide will get you up to speed on the most popular game in the world in no time. With dream team formations, tips on football betting and supporting, essential coverage on the World Cup, and stats on current teams, players and managers both at home and abroad, football expert and Guardian journalist Scott Murray keeps it fun, fresh and knowledgeable to get you through the major tournaments and beyond.

Football For Dummies includes:

Chapter 1: The bare essentials                                         
Chapter 2: A rich history                                   
Chapter 3: Get your boots on - the gear you need      

Chapter 4: Laying down the laws
Chapter 5: Positions and tactics      
Chapter 6: Honing your skills          
Chapter 7: Talented training                            
Chapter 8: Coaching, managing and leadership          
Chapter 9: Putting it all into practice                               

PART 3: THE WORLD OF FOOTBALL                  
Chapter 11: The World Cup                             
Chapter 12: The international scene                              
Chapter 13: The British club scene                 
Chapter 14: Taking on the world    
Chapter 15: Women s football                                         

PART 4: FANS ENCLOSURE                            
Chapter 16: Going to the match                      
Chapter 17: Read all about it

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